Batch Shipping

What is Batch Shipping?

Batch Shipping is a common phrase used in order management and fulfillment to describe the processing of large quantities of shipments in minimal time.

Why is Batch Shipping useful?

Batch Shipping is a time-saving method used by companies big and small. It allows for a large volume of orders to be processed and have the labels retrieved at one time.

Batch Shipping in Desktopshipper

Desktopshipper allows for batches to processed from the Orders page, or the Batches page. Customers can also use the local shipping app, DSX, to process batches.

How can orders be grouped together into a batch?

  • The host system (integration) passes a batch identifier on the orders that allows DesktopShipper to group the correct orders together.
  • The customer utilizes the advanced search options to group variables of their choice together.
  • The customer takes all unshipped orders for a day and creates a batch.
  • Customer uses a CSV file to import the orders to DesktopShipper.

DesktopShipper Batch order statuses:

  • Order has received a carrier rate.

  • Order has received a rate and is ready to be processed and shipped.

  • Order has been processed but the label has not been printed.

  • Order has been processed and label has been printed.

  • Processing completed, label printed, and order is marked as shipped.

  • Address on the order has not been verified.

  • Recipients' funds for the order has not been fulfilled yet. Order is placed on hold until payment is accepted.

  • Order processing placed on hold.

  • Order was cancelled by customer and will not be processed.

  • An error occurred while rating or shipping the order. Clicking the error status will display the error message.

Batch Shipping on Orders page

Navigating the Batches Page UI

Batch Shipping on Batches page

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