Batch Shipping - Overview

This article covers everything you need to know about shipping batches on DesktopShipper.

What is Batch Shipping?

Batch Shipping is the process of shipping multiple orders together at one time.

Why is Batch Shipping useful?

It allows for a large volume of orders to be processed and have the labels retrieved at one time.

Batch Shipping in Desktopshipper

Desktopshipper allows for batches to be processed from the Orders or Batches pages. Customers can also use our local shipping app, DSX, to ship batched orders (one at a time).

Orders can be grouped in a batch by the following scenarios:

  • The Order Manager System (or integration) passes a batch identifier on the orders, allowing DesktopShipper to group the correct orders.
  • The customer utilizes the advanced search options to group order variables of their choice.
  • The customer takes all unshipped orders for a day and creates a batch.
  • The customer uses a CSV file to import the orders to DesktopShipper.

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