Batches Page UI

Navigating the Batches page on

1. Click to display only orders that have not been shipped within the Batch.

2. Click to display only shipped orders within the Batch.

3. Use the search field to locate orders contained in the batch. Fields you can search by:

4. Rate the batch or rate & ship the batch simultaneously. 

5. Print packing slips for selected orders within the batch.

6. Perform a bulk update on selected orders within the batch.

7. Move selected orders into a new batch or move them into an existing batch. 

8. Remove selected orders from the batch.

Making Changes to Individual Orders on the Batches Page

Click the arrow next to the batch that contains the order that needs editing.

Click on the order to open the order manager. Here you can edit the individual orders.

Click to page through individual orders contained within the batch while the order manager remains open.

Removing an Order from an Existing Batch

Expand the batch you want to remove an order from using the drop-down arrow.

Check off the order you want to remove.

Click "Remove From Batch".