Batches Page - Batch Grid Columns

This article covers everything you need to know about the batch grid columns on DesktopShipper.

What are the batch grid columns?

Batch grid columns display order status and shipping costs for a batch of orders.

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Why customize the batch grid columns?

Customizing the batch grid columns allows you to display only the needed batch data. 


Enabling and disabling the columns on the Batches Page

Click on the Columns tab to view the Columns setting.

Customers can toggle on and off the columns they want to be visible on the Batch orders grid using the switches in the Columns options.


Available Columns for Customization

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Click when all the columns you need are toggled on.


Columns and Descriptions

Columns Description
Batch Name and ID The name of the batch and its batch ID.
Create Date Displays the date the batch was created.
View in Grid Links Links to view batched orders in the orders grid or shipments. Total- displays total orders in the batch.
Estimated Cost Displays the total rate costs for all orders in the batch.
Rated Displays how many orders in the batch were rated.
Processed Displays how many orders in the batch were processed.
Shipped Displays how many orders in the batch were shipped.
Address Error Displays the total amount of address errors in the batch.
Batch Error Displays the total amount of batch errors in the batch.
Rate Failed Displays the total amount of orders that failed the rating process.
Actions Displays the Rate and "Rate & Ship" buttons.
Picklist Displays print picklist button.
Packing Slips Displays print packing slips button.
Counts Chart Displays a chart and total orders in the batch.
Delete Displays the delete button.
Manage Opens the Batch Controls window.
Labels Printed Displays how many labels from the batch were printed
Packslips Printed Displays how many packing slips were printed from the
Assigned User Dropdown to assign a user to the batch.
Date Advance Select a future date for the orders to be noted as shipped.
Print Order Dropdown to set the label printing order.


Reordering Columns on the Batches Page

Customers can customize the order of the columns on the Batch orders grid. 

Click on the grey space of the column you want to move and drag and drop the column to the desired location.

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