Batch Shipping on Orders Page

Creating a Batch Using Existing Orders

Select a single order or multiple orders on the Orders grid. For the example below, all Shopify orders have been selected.

Click the "Add to Batch" button.

Here you will see the option to create a batch with a new name or add them to an existing batch.

Select "Create Batch" and give it a new name.

A notification in the upper-right hand corner indicates the batch was created.

Removing Orders from a Batch on the Orders Page

Select the order(s) you want to remove the batch and click the "Remove From Batch" button in the upper right-hand corner.

Processing a Batch from the Orders Page

Select the Batch you want to Process.

After the batch is loaded onto the grid, click the button.

If the batch has not been rated and you want to rate and ship simultaneously, click the "Rate & Ship" button. This is the fastest method for batch processing.

If you want to rate the batch and process separately, click "Rate".

After all orders contained in the batch are rated, the batch is ready to be shipped. 

Retrieving Batch Labels on the Orders Page

Once the Batch has been processed, you will be able to retrieve the labels from the Batch Controls window.

If your printer settings are set to "Send to Printer" the button to retrieve batch labels will read "Send to Printer."

If your printer settings are set to "Print in Browser" the button to retrieve batch labels will display "Fetch Labels". Clicking the button will generate the labels and two buttons will appear (Clear Labels and Labels)

Click if you need to regenerate the labels for the batch orders. 

Click to open a new tab in your web browser containing a PDF of all batch labels and packing slips (if enabled).

Obtaining Batch Pick List/ Pack Slips from the Orders Page

Select the batch you want to obtain a pick list/ pack slip for. 

Click Batch Controls.

Click to generate the pick slip for the batch.

Click to generate packing slips for the batch.