Batch Shipping on Orders Page

What is Batch Shipping?

Batch Shipping is the process of shipping multiple orders together at one time.

Why is Batch Shipping useful?

It allows for a large volume of orders to be processed and have the labels retrieved at one time.

Batch Shipping in DesktopShipper

DesktopShipper allows for batches to be processed from the Orders page. The instructions below demonstrate how processing batches on the Orders page works.


Processing a Batch from the Orders Page


1) Enable the Batched Orders filter.


2) This will add the Batches filter to the filter panel. 


3) Select the batch you want to process from the list of batches, which will load the selected batch onto the orders grid. 

Searching for a Batch


1) If your batch is not listed in the list of batch filters, you can use the search field to search for either the Batch ID or the Batch Name.


Process a Single Batch Order

1) To process a single order in the batch, click on an empty area in the batch row. This will load the Shipping window. 

shipping window


Process Entire Batch

To process the entire batch on the Orders Page, click the button at the top of the page.

Click here for more information on Batch Controls.


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