Batch Shipping on the Batches Page

This document provides an overview of Batch Shipping on Batches Page.

What is Batch Shipping?

Batch Shipping is the process of shipping multiple orders together at one time.

Why is Batch Shipping useful?

It allows for a large volume of orders to be processed and have the labels retrieved at one time.

Batch Shipping in DesktopShipper

DesktopShipper allows for batch processing from the Orders or Batches pages.

For more information on the Batches Page user interface, please click here


Processing Batches on the Batches Page


1) Locate a batch by entering a batch name or batch ID in the search field or selecting a batch on the batch grid.


2) Click to obtain rates for all orders contained in the batch.


3) Upon rating the batch, the status will change to "Rated" and list the number of orders rated successfully. 


4) After the batch is rated, the button will appear. Click it to reset the rates. 


5) When ready, click to process the orders and generate labels


6) Click   to obtain the labels for the batch orders.

fetch labels grid

7) Click to print the labels for all orders in the batch.

  • If your printer settings are set to "Send to Printer" the labels will print to the selected device.
  • If your printer settings are set to "Print in Browser" a tab will open in the web browser with a PDF containing all labels. 

8) Click  to indicate that the labels have been retrieved for the batch. 

mark printed

If you need to delete the generated batch labels to start over with a new group of labels, click clear labels-1 to delete all the labels for the batch.


9) Once you have the labels printed or saved to a PDF, click . Once all the orders are marked as shipped, DesktopShipper will update all the integration with all the required shipping info such as tracking numbers, carrier and service, and shipping cost.

marked as shipped grid-1

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