Batch Shipping on Batches Page

Batches Page Overview

1. Batch Filters and Columns 

2. Batch ID or Batch Name search.

3. Batch grid.

4. Filters for batch orders.

5. Batch order search 

6. Batch orders grid.

Processing Batches that Do Not Require Adjustments on the Batches Page

  • Navigate to a batch by entering a batch name/ batch ID or locating the batch on the grid.

  • Click "Rate" in order to obtain rates for all orders contained in the batch.

  • Upon rating the batch, the status will change to "rated" and list the number of orders that were rated successfully. 

  • Click in order to be able to re-rate the batch with a different carrier service.
  • For faster processing, you can click Rate & Ship on the batch to obtain rates and ship the orders in a single call.

After clicking Rate & Ship, the status will change to "Shipped" and list the number of orders that processed successfully within the batch.

Retrieving Batch Labels on the Batches Page

  • Click to print the labels for all orders contained in the batch. If your printer settings are set to "Send to Printer" the labels will print to the selected device. If your printer settings are set to "Print in Browser" a tab will open in the web browser with a PDF containing all labels. 
  • Click to indicate the labels have been retrieved for the batch. 
  • Click to reset the labels on the orders contained within the batch. If "Clear Labels" is selected, the button will appear. Upon clicking "Fetch Labels" the batch labels are regenerated and the buttons for Labels, Mark Printed, and Clear Labels will reappear. 

Voiding a Shipped Batch from the Batches Page  

To void a batch, expand the arrow next to the batch name and batch ID.

Select the order(s) from the batch that need to be voided and click "Void". 

Additionally, you can click the button on the batch to void batch orders from the Shipments page. (If enabled)

Note: To have the Orders page link and Shipments page link appear on the Batches page grid, you will have to enable the column "View In Grid Links".

Clicking the "Shipments" button will load the batch orders on the Shipments grid. You can select orders as needed and click void.

Obtaining Batch Pick Lists/ Pack Slips from the Batches Page

Click into the batch you want to view on the batches grid to open the batch module.

Select to generate a pick slip for the batch.

Select to generate packing slips for the batch.