Data Exports on Batches Page

Running a data export from the Batches page on

What is a Data Export?

A data export is the extraction of order data compiled into a CVS document for reviewing and storing order details.

Why are Data Exports Useful?

Data exports are helpful for account reconciliation, and for backing up order information as needed.

Exporting Data for Batches

To export data for Batch orders, locate the batch and expand it using the arrow.

Expand the batch Filters/ Columns/ Export section.

Check off the orders you want to see data for and click the export button.

All data fields are automatically selected for export. You can uncheck "All" and enable only the fields you wish to see on the Data Export.

After selecting all desired fields, click Export Orders.

You will then be prompted with the Export History window where a CSV data file can be downloaded for viewing.

Example of CSV data export file: