1 to 1 Processing

This document provides an overview of processing orders 1:1 in DesktopShipper.

What is 1 to 1 Processing?

1 to 1 processing means that orders are pulled in by a unique variable and are shipped individually. 

1 to 1 processing can be performed through a variety of methods including:

  • Pack Slip scans
  • Reverse SKU lookup
  • Manual entry of order number

What are the requirements for being able to ship orders 1 to 1?

  • Selected profile
  • Full "ship to" address (destination)
  • Selected ship method
    *Carrier mappings must exist to avoid additional steps while shipping 1 to 1
  • Weight
  • Package dimensions 
    *Requirements for dims vary by carrier but are recommended to ensure smooth 1 to 1 processing
  • Package content (order line items)

Methods for 1 to 1 Processing in ShipV2:

Scan & Print

Quick Ship

Click It, Ship It