• Basic understanding of Cloud Settings page (Locations, Profiles, and Carriers)
  • Basic understanding of Cloud Shipping (Rating Carrier Services and Applying Special Services)
  • Client’s Cloud Account enabled for:
    1. Order Manager
    2. 1:1 Shipping
    3. VSB
    4. UPS MI Services
  • Customer Information
    1. Company and Client Name
    2. Client Contact Information (Email and Phone)
    3. UPS MI Rates (provided by MI Representative)
    4. UPS Account Credentials
      1. Master Account Number
      2. Domestic Mailer Id
  • International Account Number
  1. FTP Site Credentials (for international only)
    1. Username/password

Part 1: Creating UPS MI Carrier Account

- Log into the customers' Cloud account and navigate to their settings > Carriers > Add > UPS Mail Innovations. Fill out the required fields.

- Click the + icon for UPSMIDomestic. Add the required fields.

- Click the + icon for UPSMIInternational. Add the required fields.

- Save




2) Creating the Location and Profile

- Navigate to the customer’s settings and choose the option to create a new location. Using the customer’s information, create both an origin and return location. The origin location is what will be used for rating and shipping. The return location is what will print on the label.

- Create a new shipping profile using the Locations, Linked Integration, and the UPS MI carrier account

Part 2: Uploading Rates

After the carrier account has been successfully created, you are ready to upload rates.

  • Navigate to Settings > Carriers > UPS MI Account and find the following window should appear:







Part 3: Test Rating and Shipping

If “TEST” is printing on the label you may switch them to “Sample Mode” in the carrier settings. This will remove TEST from the label.

Navigate to the customer’s Orders page and find an order to print. Open the shipping modal for the order and select a UPS MI service from the services dropdown and print a label. Verify the label has the following:













Part 4: Closing: End of Day (International Only)

Domestic packages DO NOT transmit an End of Day file to UPS. They contain a 2d barcode which UPS MI uses to identify the data. International packages do require an End of Day file so UPS is able to identify what customs items are being shipped.

Navigate to the VSB and select the truck icon to Close Carriers: End of Day

    Sample file format

    S,UPSMI-000,100001,2012-0101T12:00:00+05:00,2.0,;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, P,LN1234567890,,,Shipping Department,Sample Company,123 Sample Address,,,Sample City,NY,10001,US,555-555-1212,,John,Smith,,123 Recipient Address,,,Recipient City,Recipient State,Z9Z 9Z9,CA,555-5551212,,5.5,Lb,P,,,,,Ref. # 12345,M I,LN1234567890,SAMPLESKU,2,DVD,DVD,1.2,Lb, 20.00 ,CN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I,LN1234567890,SAMPLESKU2,1,DVD,DVD,0.6,Lb, 10.00 ,CA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I,LN1234567890,SAMPLESKU3,5,DVD,DVD,3.5,Lb, 55.00 ,CN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P,LN1234567891,,,Shipping Department,Sample Company,123 Sample Address,,,Sample City,NY,10001,US,555-555-1212,,Jane,Doe,,321 Recipient Address,,,Recipient City,Recipient State,Z9Z 9Z9,CA,555-5551212,,1.5,Lb,E,11.0,8.5,15.0,IN,,M I,LN1234567891,SAMPLESKU,2,DVD,DVD,1.2,Lb, 20.00 ,CN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, P,LN1234567892,,,Shipping Department,Sample Company,123 Sample Address,,,Sample City,NY,10001,US,555-555-1212,,Joe,James,,31-24 Recipient Address,,,Recipient City,Recipient State,Z9Z 9Z9,CA,555-5551212,,1.5,Lb,E,,,,,,M I,LN1234567892,SAMPLESKU,2,DVD,DVD,1.2,Lb, 20.00 ,CN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,