Shipments Page - Label reprinting

This article covers reprinting labels on the ShipV2 Shipments page.


Shipping labels and packing slip labels created through DesktopShippper software can be reprinted to your label printer or to the web browser.

When is reprinting needed?

  • A shipment has been made but the designated printer was offline
  • The shipping label was printed but damaged after printing.
  • Proof of shipment is needed after the package has been given to the carrier

Reprinting labels from the Shipments page:

  1. Navigate to the Shipments page.
  2. Search for or select a shipped order.
  3. After selecting the order all 3 Print buttons will highlight and include the number of selected orders.
    1. Clicking the button will reprint the label and any packing slip.
    2. Clicking the button will reprint the shipping label only.
    3. Clicking the button will reprint the packing slip only.

The label reprint buttons also appear in the Shipping information window to the right of the order grid after clicking on a shipment row.


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