This document provides an overview of the Product Settings page (Product Database) in DesktopShipper.

What is the Product Database?

A Product Database is a structured collection of data that stores information about various items offered by a company or available in a marketplace.

Why Utilize the Product Database?

The Product Database serves as a central repository to organize, manage, and retrieve product-related information efficiently.

You may set items to have a dangerous goods code, be perishable, require dry ice, use a certain weight, use certain packaging etc.


Storing Items in the Product Database 

Items are pulled into the Product Database as orders are imported into DesktopShipper from the integration. The items that come over on the orders, will be automatically stored. 

When an integration gets a new item, it will be present in the Product Database after an order containing the item is imported to DesktopShipper.

Product Overrides 

Customers may use CSV files to override existing product information. 

The CSV file must contain the desired altered field values that are mapped to the database fields. 

Note: This feature is only for modifying existing products and not adding new ones. 

See the following link for more info on performing a Product Override: Product Overrides

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