Filtering on Shipments Page

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What are Filters in Desktopshipper?

Filters allow customers to narrow a search for specific orders, to allow for easy viewing.

Why are Filters useful?

Filters are useful for a variety of needs. For example, if customers want to view orders within a specific date range, or orders that were shipped by a certain carrier.

Filtering on the Shipments Page

Shipment Status filters allow you to view shipped orders that are still active, have been voided, or have been closed.

The Tracking filter allows you to view shipped orders based on their current tracking status.

The Date Range filter allows you to view shipped orders for a specific time frame.

The Carrier Service filter allows you to filter shipped orders by the carrier service they were processed with. 

Additionally, you can use the drop-down arrow next to the carrier service to view orders that were shipped with a specific ship method.

The User filter allows you to filter for orders that were shipped under a specific user (shipper).

The Workstation filter allows you to view orders based on where they were shipped from.

All Workstations
Shipments have been made on the DS Cloud account. Either from the DSX shipping stations or the DS Cloud portal.

Order Manager
Shows only shipments made on the DS Cloud portal.

*Customers who utilize the DesktopShipper API will have addition filter option for shipments made through the Public API.

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