Filtering on Orders Page

Orders Page ShipV2

What are Filters in Desktopshipper?

Filters allow customers to narrow a search for specific orders, to allow for easy viewing.

Why are Filters useful?

Filters are useful for a variety of needs. For example, if customers want to view orders within a specific date range, or orders that came from the same host system. 

Filtering on the Orders Page

The Orders filter allows you to filter the grid based on the current status of the orders.

Applying a selection here will only show orders on the grid that belong to that status group.

*For example, you can choose to view only your unshipped orders.

Additionally, orders can be filtered by their Status.

Date Range allows you to filter by date type and date range.

Integrations allows you to filter orders by the marketplace they were imported from.

Select an integration to view orders that were imported from that integration only. 

Additionally, you can view orders that were imported from all integrations of the same type, or you can view orders that have imported from a single integration only. 

Example: By clicking the expansion arrow next to Big Commerce, we can select the "DS BigCommerce" integration only.

Tags can be applied to group orders together, and orders can be filtered using the applied tags.

Print Status allows you to filter for orders that have already had labels and/or packslips printed.

Enabling the Batched Orders filter allows you to view orders contained in a specific batch. 

When enabled, a drop down appears that will allow you to select the batch to filter for.

Additionally, you can enable the DropShipped Orders filter to view orders that have been processed using drop shipping.

Clicking "Apply Filters" will display the orders correlated to the selected filters on the grid.

Clicking "Reset" will turn any selected filters off.