What are Profile References?

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What are Profile References?

Profile references are mapped data points that apply to an order level reference field.

The Reference fields in the Profile settings will automatically apply the values of the selected variable to the order reference fields in the shipping window.

Why are Profile References Useful?

When an order is shipped, these reference fields will pass data to the shipment listed on the Shipments page and add data to carrier labels when applicable and/or packing slips. 

Setting up Profile References in DTS

  • Navigate to "Advanced Options" on the bottom of the Profile you wish to add references to.

The second section of the advanced options is your Reference Fields.

  • Select the desired reference fields from the dropdown to be attached to this profile.

Note: Up to three references fields may be assigned to one profile at a time.

Viewing References in the Order Manager

On the "Orders" page, references will appear here in the shipping modal on the order.

  • References Test
    Reference ID
  • Manually Created Orders
    Custom ID
  • 105029
    Order ID assigned by DesktopShipper.

Viewing Profile references on the Shipments Page

On the "Shipments" page (VSB) references will appear as columns on the grid.

If these columns are not displayed, you will want to enable the reference columns on the Shipments page.

  • Click Columns 
  • Toggle the references you want to view so they are turned on.

Note: You can filter the Shipments page to lookup orders containing certain Reference Fields using the drop down.

Note: Profile reference fields will only work with certain carriers and carrier services whose labels are generated internally and not through a carrier's API.

Reference Variable Options

  • Marketplace
    The market that the order was imported from.
  • Market Order ID
    The marketplace's order ID.
  • DesktopShipper Order ID
    The scanned in order number used in DSX to import the order info.
  • Service Endorsement
    The endorsement that is used by USPS.
  • Custom ID
    An order ID generated by an integration.
  • Reference ID
    An order ID generated by an integration.
  • Multi/ Sku & Quantity
    Used for orders that have multiple skus. 
  • All Sku & Quantity 
    Adds the sku and quantity for orders with one sku.
  • Department
    Often used by fulfillment centers to list the department or their client.

For customers interested in populating reference fields on package labels, view the link below.

Populating Reference Fields on Labels 

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