Shipping To Brazil


As of January 1, 2020, Brazilian Customs Authority requires that all international orders have an identification of the recipient's CPF / CNPJ / Passport Number for their customs clearance to be initiated. Failure to provide this information may allow imports to be banned and returned abroad or destroyed in cases where return is not possible.

Brazilian Post has developed a tool for customers to provide their tax id on the website via “Track and Trace” or “My Imports”. Customers will need to register/login at Correios Id - setting login and password, inform the order number (tracking number) and save the CPF (individual), CNPJ (legal entity) or Passport Number (foreign).

After registration/login at Correios Id, accessing "My Imports" and inserting the order number (tracking number), then link tax id to the item. After tax id information is saved, shipment can start customs inspection.

It is the complete responsibility of the consignee and the shipper to provide this information to the Brazilian Customs Authority.

My Imports”:

Track and Trace”:

Tax Id Number Formats

Tax Id Type


CPF (Individual)


CNPJ (Legal Entity)



Where will the shipper get this required information?

This information could be passed from the client’s marketplace, OMS, or integration; however, many integrations may not support this new requirement. **If this information is not present on the order it is the client’s responsibility to contact the consignee for the required information or to verify that the information has been posted to the above URL to ensure the package will be delivered. DesktopShipper does NOT assume any responsibility for shipments that are not labeled appropriately as required by the Brazilian Customs Authority.



How does this work in DesktopShipper Cloud?

Attempting to rate a package without a Consignee Tax Id Number will return the following error message:

Access the input field in the “Manage Customs” section of the Shipping Modal

In this area you’ll also see Tax Type. This refers the specific document type the consignee is referencing. Several other documents may be acceptable instead of the identity card, including a federative unit-issued driver's license, passport, professional identity card issued by a trade union, military identity card, civil servant identity card or worker's registry.


How is that information provided to and used by the Carriers?

In many cases, the Consignee Tax Id Number is prepended to the Ship To Company. This is meant to act as a temporary solution until the carrier can provide us with a field that can be used to hold this information and display it on the shipping label or commercial invoice.

In some cases, the Consignee Tax Id Number can be provided to the carrier, but the generated shipping label or commercial invoice does not display the data. These packages may get held at customs.

If a customer is uncertain that a package will or will not get held by customs, it is recommended that they use the online tool created by Brazilian Post to provide the required information.

Brazil Tax ID Bypass

Open in a browser

1. Select users

2. Select Global Settings

3. Enable For countries that require Recipient Tax Identification (Brazil), skip validating the field and prepending it to Recipient Company/Contact upon label creation.