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Create Service Group

How to create a service group:

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    • Select the Carriers tab
    • Select Service Groups
    Image 2019-08-01 at 3.15.57 PM
    • Select an existing Service Group or click Create
    • Fill out the Name, Descriptionimage-15
    • Select the Type of Service Group you want.
      • Time (total days) - Select the Fastest and cheapest service by the total amount of days the package will take to reach its destination.
      • Rate - Select the cheapest rate in the Service Group
      • Time (Business Days) - Select the fastest and cheapest service by only counting the total amount of Business days the package will take to reach its destination.
    image (1)
    • Then select the Services you want to use for this Service Groupimage (2)
    • Select Create Service Group or Save > your all Finished!