This document provides an overview of packaging in DesktopShipper.

What is Packaging?

Packaging in DesktopShipper refers to any external container and/or internal materials that are used to ship and protect the item(s) being shipped.

Why is Packaging important?

  • Packaging is used to protect the item(s) during shipment.Shipment cost is determined by the Total Weight. (Order items + packaging).
  • Dimensional weight is determined by the external dimensions of the package and can exceed the packages' scale weight.
  • Some carrier services require carrier-specific packaging in order to be valid for shipment.

How is Packaging used in DesktopShipper?

  • Packaging dimensions can be manually applied to an order during shipment.
  • Packaging can be selected from a prepopulated list in DS Cloud via drop-down.
  • Packaging can be automatically applied to an order by line item sku. 
  • Packaging can be scanned in using a barcode.
  • Packaging can be scanned in using the DSX scan station mode. 

Carrier Specific Packaging

Package Carton Weight

Assigning Packaging to a SKU

Custom Packaging

Manually Adding Package Dimensions

Packaging Barcodes