How to integrate Fillz:


Integration Access Requirements

  • Access Key
  • Secret Key


User-Defined Marketplace Name - The name you give your new integration, when you add an account on DesktopShipper.
Pull Orders From Marketplace: Begin pulling down your orders from Fillz into your DesktopShipper order manager. 
Update Market With Shipments: Whenever you ship orders through DesktopShipper, the shipment information will be written back to Fillz. 

Get API Keys

1) Login to your Fillz account and go to Account > API/FTP.
2) Under File API Credentials, click on Generate New Credential. Your Access Key and Secret Key will be displayed for you (Note: The Secret Key will only be shown once).  

Add new Integration Instance

1) Login to your DS Cloud account.
2) Go to Settings > Integrations and click Add.
3) Select Fillz from the "Add Integration" modal.
4) In the modal, give your new integration a name(User-Defined Marketplace Name).
5) Enter your Fillz Access Key and Secret Key.
6) When you're finished, click Save.