Etail/EVP Return Address Change

How to advise a customer where to change their return address in the Etail application.


This article explains where to change a customer's return address in the Etail "EVP" application.

***NOTE*** Etail is a partner integration but is not directly installed nor managed by DesktopShipper.  This article is information only to assist the Support technician in troubleshooting issues related to the customer return address displaying in the DesktopShipper application.  Any changes made within the Etail EVP application should be made by the customer only.


EVP is the order management software for Etail.  Etail customers use this software to manage incoming orders across multiple sales channels and fulfill them using available inventory.  Once selected for fulfillment, orders are then passed to the DSX software for rating, carrier selection and shipment.

The EVP application allows the customer to set up multiple return addresses which are then passed to DSX to function as the return address on the order.  These return addresses will override DS Cloud profile settings if "Use Order Ship From Address" has been enabled on the Cloud shipping profile.

If a customer needs to revise their return address due to recent changes it will need to be changed in the EVP application so that the correct return address is passed with the order information to DSX.

Step by Step

***NOTE*** This is information only for the technician to provide to the customer when the customer is unaware where to check in the EVP application

In the EVP desktop application, click on Sales > within the configuration group there will be a button called 'Contacts'. You can select the return addresses from that point.

You have to make sure that the sales channel you want to edit (in red) is selected before before clicking contacts. YOU WILL HAVE TO ADJUST FOR EACH CHANNEL.


Once the return address has been revised in EVP, this can be tested by importing orders from Etail to DSX and confirming that the return address shown on the order in DSX matches the revised address in EVP.

  • Confirm (with customer) that the order is matched to the correct Sales Channel in Etail
  • Confirm that shipping profile in DSX is linked to the Etail integration
  • Confirm that "Use Order Ship From Address" is enabled on the linked shipping profile in Cloud.