DHL eCommerce

How to integrate DHL eCommerce:


Required Fields

DHL eCommerce account
  • Account Number: A unique account ID you received when you created a DHL account.
  • Pickup Account: A pickup account is required to add a DHL eCommerce account on DesktopShipper. 
Pickup Account account
  • Pickup Account Number: Your pickup account ID you received from your DHL account.
  • FTP User Name and Password: Your FTP credentials is required to add a pickup account.
  • Mailer Id: Mailer Identifier - a field within the Intelligent Mail barcode used to identify mailers.
  • Contact Phone and Email: Contact information is required to add a pickup account.

Get DHL Credentials

Please contact your DHL representative to get your DHL credentials. 

Add Carrier Account on DesktopShipper Cloud

1) Login to your DS Cloud account.
2) Go to Settings > Carriers > Carrier Accounts and click the Add button.
3) Select DHL eCommerce from the Add Carrier modal. 
4) In the modal, give your account an Account Name. This can be any name you choose, for your reference. 
5) Enter your Account Number (unique account Id).
6) Add a Pickup Account  (required). For instructions on adding a Pickup Account, view the next section. 
7) Click Save.

Add Pickup Account

1) From the Add DHL eCommerce account modal, click the plus button in the DHLPickupAccount section.
2) In the form, enter your Pickup Account Number.
3) Give your pickup account an Account Name.
4) Select a Location.
5) Fill in your Contact information. 
6) Enter your FTP Username and FTP Password
7) Enter a Pickup Time.
8) Enter your Mailer ID.
9) Select an International Sort Facility and Domestic Sort Facility.
10) Click Close.