Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime - Cloud Shipping Setup

This article aims to provide instructions on setting up Amazon as a Carrier for supported integration. Select integrations will provide a flag for us to key off of on the order. This will determine when the prime carrier account will be used.
Like other carriers, Amazon Prime will require a linked Shipping Profile. 
  1. Account Name
  2. MWS SellerId
  3. MWSAuthToken
Set up steps:
  1. Navigate to the Cloud Settings
  2. Select Carriers on the navigation menu
  3. In the Carrier Accounts tab, click "Add"
  4. Add the Amazon carrier using either "Amazon NA": for North America, or "Amazon UK": for United Kingdom
  5. Input the required fields
  6. DO NOT SELECT "Amazon Buy Shipping" if you're only shipping Prime Orders. This is ONLY USED when being set up with Buy Shipping.
  7. Select the carriers you want to use.  Carriers accounts for these must be set up in Carrier Settings.
  8. Save
  9. Navigate to the Service Group tab
  10. Click "Create"
  11. Create an empty Service Group with Name, Description: "Prime" and Type: "Rate"
  12. Select 'Create Service Group'
  13. Navigate to  the "Marketplace Shipmethod Inbound Mappings" tab
  14. Select the supported Integration
  15. Click "Add"
  16. Map the Shipping methods to the newly created Prime Service Group
  17. Save
  18. Navigate to the Profile Settings
  19. Select the profile
  20. Enable the Amazon Carrier
  21. Save
How it works:
  • Orders are fetched from your Integration
  • If orders contain Prime flag, they will be flagged in our system
  • Search for the order and launch the shipping modal (clicking truck icon in the grid)
  • The order is rated using the Prime Service Group
  • Amazon returns services available for shipping
  • Selects an Amazon service and click "Ship"
  • The label is printed and order is marked as shipped
  • Depending on the Integration, you may have to set up Marketplace Carrier Update Mappings so that the Amazon Carrier writes back as the actual carrier it was shipped with
  • Can only be used on Prime orders
  • If no services are returned, it is because Amazon has not returned any services - try and ship using SellerCentral, if no options are available there, no options are going to be available for DesktopShipper. Make sure you have applied the Terms and Conditions for the Carriers you want to use.