How to integrate Amazon:


Integration Access requirements

  • MWS Auth Token
  • MWS Seller ID
  • DesktopShipper's Developer ID


Seller ID - A unique merchant ID issued once you sign up for MWS ( to view, go to Seller Central account page > Settings > User Permissions, Your Account Information section).
Auth Token - A token provided once you authorize a developer/web application as a developer on your Seller Central account (Developer ID required).
Developer ID -A 12-digit ID provided by DesktopShipper to authorize DesktopShipper as a developer on your Seller Central account.
User-Defined Marketplace Name - The name you give your new integration, when you add an account on DesktopShipper.
Pull Orders From Marketplace: Begin pulling down your orders from Amazon into your DesktopShipper order manager. 
Update Market With Shipments: Whenever you ship orders through DesktopShipper, the shipment information will be written back to Amazon. 

Get MWS Auth Token and Seller ID (for customers)

1) Login to your Amazon Seller Central account.
2) Go to the Settings menu in the upper right corner, and select the User Permissions page.
3) Scroll down to the Amazon MWS Developer Permissions section, and find your Seller ID under Your Account Information. Copy or save your  Seller ID.
Authorize a Developer
1) Click  Authorize a developer
2) Enter a Developer name* and  Developer ID* in the appropriate fields.
*For  Amazon Seller Central, the Developer ID is  7060-3259-4272 and Developer Name is  DesktopShipper.
*For  Amazon UK, the Developer ID is  2328-6189-7128 and Developer Name is  DesktopShipper.
3) Accept license terms and click  Next.
4) Provide your DesktopShipper contact with your  Seller ID and  MWS Auth Token values.

Add new Integration Instance

1) Login to your DS Cloud account.
2) Go to  Settings > Integrations and click  Add.
3) Select  Amazon Seller Central or  Amazon UK from the "Add Integration" modal.
4) In the modal, give your new integration a name( User-Defined Marketplace Name).
5) Enter the  MWS Auth Token for DesktopShipper and your  MWS Seller ID.
6) When you're finished, click  Save.